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Find Dairy Products at Wholesale   

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The Freshest Food Items for the Lowest Price 

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Ciraulo Distribution, LLC. in Dallas, TX first opened in 2004 and since has been the leading source for ordering food items at wholesale in the area. Ciraulo Distribution was created based on more than 35 years of service and sales in the dairy, farming and restaurant business. Not only do we deliver meat, produce, dairy and bakery items but we stock shelves and rotate products for store owners. We offer savings if you stock your product yourself. Residential customers are welcome to visit our warehouse to purchase items as needed.

Ciraulo Distribution, LLC. offers competitive pricing, dependability and will gladly help restaurant owners, grocery stores, deli’s and more get the food products they want. We also speak Spanish and work with Mexican and Latino eateries and grocery stores that want specialty food items. Ciraulo Distribution is licensed and insured so that we can provide our customers with professionalism and food distribution at the lowest price. 

We Deliver, Stock and Rotate Food Items Including: 

  • Dairy
  • Eggs

  • Fruits
  • Meat

  • Vegetables
  • Bakery Items